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Music Producer Doug Oberhamer.
Featuring the amazing vocal talent of Karen Murphy and Shonn Wiley in the Original Cast Album Recording.

Now Available at Ghostlight Records


I approached the score of “My Vaudeville Man” the same way I approach any score that I write with Jeff Hochhauser.
Jeff writes the book, I write the music and we both write the lyrics. It would be simplistic to to say that Jeff is responsible for telling the story in the lyrics and I am responsible for keeping the lyrics musical, because we cross into one another’s territory frequently, but it does ensure that the songs are always part of the story.  

Two realities of “My Vaudeville Man” shape the style of the score. One, the story takes place in the world of Vaudeville and two, there are only two singers and three musicians. Vaudeville music is big, lively, full of flash and necessarily, tuneful. And of course it has to incorporate tap dancing at times. The piano, bass and drums are orchestrated to suggest a larger ensemble, so while the melodies tend to be simple, the accompaniment is orchestral and full of fun and shenanigans. With only two singers, I have had to use every trick to create variety, including creative voice leading, big unisons, not so close harmonies and my favourite, countermelodies that you shouldn’t hear coming. In one number, “The Tap Drunk”, the challenge was to create the impression of a big ensemble number featuring several characters but sung and danced by one man.

So, if you listen to the score and can hum the melodies and be exited by the energy and the swing of these singers and this band and at the same time, experience the story of Jack Donahue and his mother, Mud, AND, if occasionally, we can almost bring a tear to your eye, then Jeff and I have done our job and we thank you for listening.
And thank you Doug Oberhamer, our Musical Director and CD Producer extraordinaire.
Bob Johnston


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